Fees and reimbursements


75 minutes – € 75

Extra-long massage with, for example extra attention for your neck, back, and feet:
90 minutes – € 85

Combination of massage and coaching, usually consisting of 45 minutes of coaching and 45 minutes of massage:
90 minutes – € 90


Please pay immediately after the session. Payment in cash or via mobile banking is preferred.

Insurance reimbursement

The practice is recorded on various registers and I am a member of the professional association SBLP (Stichting Beroepsvereniging Lichaamsgeoriënteerde psychotherapie,the Dutch professional organisation for body-oriented psychotherapy), which assures quality as well as reimbursement.

If you have supplementary health insurance, you are often eligible for partial reimbursement for the session under ‘alternative medicine’. Bekijk hier een lijst van verzekeraars die vergoeden.

Reimbursement for coaching

There are a number of options for part or full reimbursement for a course of coaching. You may be eligible through your collective bargaining agreement (CAO) if it includes a budget for coaching or training. Other employers may offer a budget for training or personal development. This is then organised via the HR manager or the supervisor. Another potential option is to deduct the costs of coaching from your tax return under ‘study costs and educational expenses’, assuming that the requirements have been met. You can find more information on the Belastingdienst’s website. I am happy to discuss your specific potential reimbursement options with you. Together we can draw up a plan, for example for your HR manager, that gives a clear explanation of the purpose and benefits of the coaching.