New mothers
New mothers

Postnatal massage

Pregnancy and childbirth is very hard work for your body, and massage after the birth ensures that your body recovers faster. As a new mother you do a lot of picking up and carrying. Postnatal massage focuses on the muscles that are taking the extra strain. A massage can also be a good way to take some time for yourself during the intensive period of looking after a new baby.

Faster Recovery
Recovering from pregnancy
You use your body a lot
Time for yourself
The appointment

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Coaching for new mothers

Becoming a mother is a major change in your life. Not only are you recovering from pregnancy and giving birth, but you’re also responsible for your baby’s wellbeing 24 hours a day. Your life suddenly looks completely different, which can really throw you off balance. The right support can bring you back into balance, and I offer that in the form of coaching sessions.

A new role
Your own path
A helping hand
Coaching with massage

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