Postnatal massage
Postnatal massage

Faster Recovery

Pregnancy and childbirth is very hard work for your body. It’s tough on your muscles and tendons in particular. Massage after the birth ensures that your body recovers faster and more completely. You can have a massage once six weeks have passed after the birth.

Recovering from pregnancy

It takes time to recover from pregnancy; many women experience a number of complaints for up to a year after giving birth. Headache and fatigue are common symptoms. Women can also experience mood swings during this time. Postnatal massage can help to relieve these symptoms.

You use your body a lot

Looking after a baby is very demanding on your body. You do a lot of picking up and carrying. Heavier breasts and incorrect posture when breastfeeding can lead to tension in neck and back muscles. Postnatal massage focuses on the muscles that are taking extra strain, and allows your muscles to relax again.

Time for yourself

A massage can also be a good way to take some time for yourself. Your baby needs a lot from you, and that means sometimes having to postpone your own needs. Postnatal massage is about you and your body, nothing else.

The appointment

The massage takes place in a peaceful, pleasant space. An appointment lasts an hour and fifteen minutes. The session is completely focused on you and your needs. It’s important that you are able to relax completely.

We discuss your wishes for the massage and any symptoms you may be experiencing. This determines what the massage will be like. On the massage table pillows will be used to support you where needed, and I’ll cover you with warm towels. I use only natural oil and massage wax.

Massage techniques used

I combine techniques from my training in biodynamic massage with techniques I’ve learned in my subsequent training. Long, gentle strokes are alternated with kneading the muscles and pressure point massage. This helps to dissolve tension and muscle knots, allowing the energy to flow again.

‘After seeing Reintje it feels like I’ve been on a short holiday. A warm and pleasant space rather than the eternal mess in my house. Attention for my painful neck, caused by all that feeding and lugging children around. It feels like Reintje’s able to read my body, which really allows me to relax properly. After the massage I can set off again with recharged batteries.’

Maria, aged 33, daughter aged three and a six-month-old son.