Frequently asked questions

Are the effects of pregnancy massage scientifically proven?

Studies show the positive effects of pregnancy massage: better sleep, improved circulation, less trouble with back pain and aching legs, less fluid retention, reduced production of stress hormones and increased production of happiness hormones.

The result is a better frame of mind overall, less pain, and a stronger immune system.

During which period of my pregnancy can I have massages?

Het mag tijdens je hele zwangerschap. In de eerste drie maanden helpt massage je weer fitter te voelen, het verlicht hoofdpijn en misselijkheid.

Massages are fine throughout your entire pregnancy. Massage in the first trimester helps you feel fitter again, reducing headaches and nausea.

Back problems and leg cramps can develop from the fourth month of pregnancy onwards. Massage helps to relieve these complaints and improves your wellbeing.

I use a massage table specially designed for pregnant women, with recesses for the belly and breasts.

I’d love to have massages for the rest of my pregnancy. How often is it recommended?

As often as you like. Many women come every two weeks, and then once a week during the final month. But if you want to come more or less often, that’s fine too.

Are there any pregnancy problems that might mean it’s better not to have a massage?

If you have typical pregnancy symptoms, then massage will help to reduce them. If you have a medical issue, consult your doctor first. And let me know in advance of any medical issues you may have.

I can’t lie on my belly any more. How can you massage me?

We will discuss the positions that are most comfortable for you. I use a massage table specially designed for pregnant women, with recesses for the belly and breasts.

I love a robust massage. Is this permissible now that I am pregnant?

I can massage you firmly, but I don’t use deep forms of massage. This is because deep massage increases the risk of undesired hormonal reactions or too many waste materials being released.

Can I bring my baby with me?

You are very welcome to bring your baby along to a massage session. The most important thing is to consider whether you will be able to relax during the massage. Some women find that the presence of their baby adds to their enjoyment.