Pregnancy massage
Pregnancy massage

You’re pregnant

The time when a baby is growing in your belly is a special period of your life.

Your body is getting ready

It’s also a time when there’s a lot happening in your body within a relatively short period. Hormones change your muscles and joints. Everything becomes looser and more flexible, to make room for the baby and prepare for the birth. These changes can mean that you get tired more easily, and perhaps don’t sleep as well as usual. Your body’s centre of gravity changes constantly during pregnancy due to the extra weight, which can lead to neck and back pain, pelvic issues and fluid retention. Pregnancy massage helps to reduce these symptoms. Massage also improves blood flow to the lymphatic system. This in turn ensures better circulation to the placenta, promoting the removal of waste products and helping more oxygen and nutrients to reach your baby.

A relaxed mother is a relaxed baby

When you are massaged, your body produces hormones in the form of endorphins. These endorphins make your breathing calmer, lower your heart rate, and relax you. When you relax, your baby does too.

‘Being pregnant is a unique event in your life, and I wanted to enjoy it as much as I could. Pampering yourself is one way of doing that. Thanks to the relaxed atmosphere Reintje creates, the warm towels, and the respectful touch, I could let myself drift off and relax. I always slept better for the first three nights after the massage.’

Emma, aged 29

The appointment

The massage takes place in a peaceful, pleasant space. An appointment lasts an hour and fifteen minutes. The session is completely focused on you and your needs. It’s important that you are able to fully relax.
We start by discussing how your pregnancy is going, what your wishes are, and any symptoms you may have. This determines what the massage will entail as well as the best position for you to lie down and relax.

I use a massage table specially designed for pregnant women, with recesses for the belly and breasts. You will be supported by pillows where needed, and I’ll cover you with warm towels. I use only natural oil and massage wax.

‘I use a massage table specially designed for pregnant women and I use only natural oil.’

Reintje van der Cingel

Massage techniques used

The massage techniques are tailored to the pregnant body. I combine techniques from my training in biodynamic massage with specific pregnancy massage techniques. Long, gentle strokes are alternated with kneading the muscles. This helps to dissolve tension and muscle knots, allowing the energy to flow again.